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Katherine Allen is an independent filmmaker and VFX commercial producer who carries with her the lasting impressions of a Southern Gothic childhood and a young adulthood surrounded by unblemished Alaskan wilderness. After completing an award-winning short film, “The Enchanting Box,” Katherine continued with her love for the short form dabbling in music videos, a short documentary, and a theater collaboration in which she recreated a lost silent film for a live stage performance. She is currently directing two collections of shorts: the abecedarian series “L’Alphabête Noire,” and the surrealistic horror fairy tale trilogy, entitled “The Widow's Hand,” under the pseudonym Lucretia Grimm.

VFX/ Animation Producing site can be found HERE. (pw: password)


Directing Reel (& STILLS)


“The Widow’s Hand”

A trilogy of surrealistic horror shorts that reimagine three well-known fairy tales: Sleeping Beauty, Hansel & Gretel, and Bluebeard. The first film in the trilogy “HYSTERIA,” based on the precursor to “Sleeping Beauty,” is currently in the festival circuit. The next film, “PHANTASMA,” is currently in pre-production. More details on the project website:


“L’Alphabête Noire”

An abecedarian tale of the tragedy, beauty, and absurdity of life. Currently in Pre-Production with a rolling production schedule. The first batch is scheduled for production mid-October 2019. www.alphabê pw:blackbeast

Color palette Ref

Color palette Ref

KilL Me Later: The Mystery of Stiffs, Inc.

Recently resurrected, this experimental documentary is currently in rehab soon to have a fresh(ish) start. The excerpt below gives a glimpse into the project.



I was a photographer before I was a filmmaker. This was something my dad and grandfather passed down to me. While most Alaskans spent their permanent fund dividend taking a depression-averting vacation to Hawaii I took mine down to the guys at Stewart’s Photo and bought a darkroom. Being in my (or any) darkroom was meditative and all the different film stocks to play with at the time were magical. I am quite rusty with printing now but I adore the analog process and take out my film cameras when I can.



Once upon a time I made this proof of concept and sent out to a couple publishers. In return I received one of my favorite rejection letters so far - it was dated before I even submitted it! Living in NY , I see more of these poor creatures every year and have been working on revamping this project. The original Proof can be found HERE in the meantime.

A Note About Family

My grandfather (pictured below left) is a little known key figure in my life. Decades after thinking I was exploring the world with my own eyes I can see a clear line between his experience and what stories I choose to tell. His traumatic images from his war photography mixed with his peaceful reverence for nature are perhaps the two most prevalent themes in my work. It’s not just a random occurrence that I snuck in a photo of his in “The Enchanting Box.” Apart from him, there was my immediate family: My dad made home movies and put on screenings growing up. (He also taught me a bit about working with difficult subjects.) My mom is the most artistic and versatile craftswoman you’ll ever meet - it is her guidance (and patience) that was paramount in making my unique sewing creations. And my sister is kind of a rockstar potter / maker / artist who has supported me always when no one else “gets” it.