As a child in rural Australia there wasn’t a lot to latch onto, but the small selection of VHS tapes at the local grocery store offered a window to a world of inspired imagination.

Since relocating to Brooklyn, Daniel’s vast variety of projects have included documentaries on-site with live fire involving the US Army to Hollywood sets with HBO and Warner Brothers. He also loves engineering the annual Kitten Bowl.

Crafting images is a passion that lead to many independent creative outlets including the award winning short, “Dream of Vermilion”, shot with a local crew in Puerto Rico examining the turbulent relationship with the US.

Contact: Dan@KatFarmProductions.com




“Lego Project”

Award winning documentarian Jon Stuyvesant and I have embarked on a new documentary chronicling a family’s struggle with grief and finding peace through their relationship with Legos.

Principal photography is complete and we are in the very early stages of post so keep an eye out.


“Whats In The Woods”

A recently wrapped horror short, we shot the film in the middle of the woods deep in Pennsylvania and had a blast. Being in the woods came with quite a number of challenges on top of the night shoots, building large lighting fixtures in the rain and 360 shooting setups. All this to say the challenges were met with great enthusiasm from everyone from production down resulting in some great images being captured. A little tease of the shots can be seen here.

The film was shot on Arri with Cooke glass.

We also shot a great companion piece following the police investigation and aftermath so be sure to check that out on the films website. You can also stay up to date and keep track of progress there as well, so click the button and take a look:



Capturing motion starts with a single frame and understanding the story in a single frame is something I always explore. Photographs as memories and moments has always inspired me but the search to tell more with an image is what drives me. I love to keep my old Canon FTb loaded and handy…. for close encounters.